Indirizzo Ste

Support To Experts

Via Borgogna,3
20122 Milano

Professional competence

STE’s partners have long experience in team-work enhanced by the assistance and coordination of several situations of corporate recovery in industrial enterprises in the food-processing, automotive and industrial manufacturing industry.

Qualified professionals

STE’s founding members share vast and extensive experience in managing company crises, each of them with a specific focus and whose mix completes the array of services provided by the company.

Our mission

STE was established with such mission, i.e. providing experts/certifiers with adequate assistance in terms of professional and organisational expertise thus granting the necessary thoroughness of knowledge and integration of human resources aimed at optimising the quality and the time required to execute such tasks.

Since 2005 a new professional has emerged in the world of managing business crisis and insolvency: the certifier in preventative, bankruptcy agreements, certified recovery plans, restructuring agreements.

Since then certification scopes have stretched even further, in agreements for business continuity, restructuring agreements with the assumption of new borrowings.

Besides all the peculiarities of each certification, the common denominator has been, on the one hand, the checks run to verify data reliability, and on the other hand, the assessments carried out to properly foresee the feasibility of any proposal to creditors.

The role has entailed greater delicacy following the introduction of the specific offence of false certifications and reporting effective from 11th September 2012.

Hence, a key role is to be played by the certifiers’ supporting activities which enable to timely integrate the required competences in insolvency, financial and auditing procedures whenever managing business crises.

STE was established with such aim, i.e. offering the competences of an expert professional, carrying out all the activities of data acquisition and analysis necessary to come up with well-grounded professional opinions by means of technically correct methods developed in a timespan that is often constrainedly limited.


  • statutory audit
  • financial analysis
  • auditing
  • insolvency law
  • management control