Alessandro Solidoro Alessandro Solidoro INFORMATION AND CONTACT

Alessandro Solidoro boasts a solid and varied range of professional experiences in managing companies undergoing financial crisis (management crisis).

He supports businesses by providing them with consulting services and assistance in handling judicial and extra-judicial proceedings connected with financial crisis (management crisis) and insolvency. Specifically, he helps coordinate operations related to restructuring and consolidating outstanding debt, and process reorganisation for companies facing financial difficulties. In addition, he assists companies in filing for bankruptcy, helps them chart a course through bankruptcy proceedings and oversees operations in the liquidation phase.

Industrial, commercial and financial businesses, as well as national and international banking groups, are among the clients he has counselled both in civil litigation proceedings, wherein the general motivation is to claim for damages, and in cases of criminal litigation. Alessandro Solidoro holds numerous civil and penal judicial assignments, among which:

  •  Bankruptcy Administrator for the Court of Justice in Milan;
  • Court-appointed receiver in bankruptcy proceedings, arrangements with creditors.
  • Expert Witness, appointed as per article 2343 of the Italian Civil Code of Law;
  • Court-appointed Expert for the Milan, Turin and Lecco Courts of Justice, as well as for the Arbitration Board, and in over 150 judicial sentences on economic and accounting matters (banking – financial – transportation - agency);
  • Expert Witness for arbitration parties and in civil actions, Technical Advisor to the Public Prosecutor and by Court appointment in various Criminal Law Proceedings in the Courts of Justice of Milan, Genoa, Catania and Parma;
  • Valuation expert for companies controlled by firms having entered into receivership/bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Court-appointed administrator and receiver for companies controlled by firms having entered into receivership/bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Bailiff for equity, shares and corporate holdings and businesses;
  • Designated Administrator to the Bailiff of companies under judicial attachment;

Alessandro Solidoro assists companies with accounting and management auditing in the framework of company acquisitions and/or takeovers (Due Diligence).

His consolidated professional experience is at the service of clients in valuating brands, company branches, medium and large-sized national and international joint stock companies, including companies quoted in official stock markets.

Alessandro Solidoro also offers consulting services to various non-profit Foundations and assists them with administrative and accounts management.